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                Application Way

                SCUD is a great company, full of passion, aware ofteam-work spirit and with an exciting future. We sincerely expect the guys who are work hard, responsible, so creative and excellent learning abilityto join us.

                How to apply

                (1) Apply online:
                E-mail your CV to hr@scud.cn with subject of position, work place and your name.
                You also can e-mail your resume to us via the bellowing website which cooperated with us.

                (2) Apply by traditional mail:
                Please point out the position you applied at the left corner of the envelopeand the head of your CV to strike the eye, meanwhile, fill in the active e-mail address in your resume.
                Mail add: HR department, SCUD industrial park, Mawei ETDZ, Fzhou city, Fujian province.
                Zip code: 350015.

                (3) Consultant phone number for application:+86 0591-87308888

                (4) Fax: +86 0591-87307773


                We require you are health and without communicable disease.