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                Corporate Social Responsibility

                Protection of Shareholders and Creditors' Rights and Interests
                The Company as a corporate citizen has the fundamental duty of maximizing rights and interests of shareholders and, as a listed company, shoulders the essential social responsibility of protecting interests of shareholders especially minority shareholders.

                1. Operate prudently and proactively to generate desirable returns for investors
                2. Improve the governance structure to build up solid internal control system
                3. Uphold the interests of investors to carry out timely information disclosure
                4. Enhance management of investor relations to establish a sound tie with investors

                Protection of Employees' Rights and Interests
                Employees are the cornerstone of business survival, and the present and future competition revolves around talent competition. As such, the Company strives to create an agreeable living and working environment for employees, promote "SCUD?family" culture to deliver employees the heartfelt warmth and comfortableness, and provide a strong career platform to enable them to progress and develop with the Company. This is indeed the fundamental goal of the Company.

                1. Constantly improve internal and external working environment for employees
                2. Ensure workplace emergency responses to any emergency or dangerous situation
                3. Guarantee business from disruption to safeguard the interests of employees
                4. Develop incentive mechanism and provide resources and support
                5. Care for employees, protect their rights and interests and improve their motivation
                6. Strengthen personnel training and expand the growth platform for employees
                7. Increase production safety awareness of employees to effectively guarantee labor safety

                Protection of Suppliers, Customers and Consumers' Rights and Interests?
                As suppliers provide resources to, customers receive services from and consumers take products of us, they are actually working with us in value creation. Upholding the principles of integrity, mutual benefit and equal consultation, the Company strictly performs its contractual obligations and builds up a communication platform to maintain sound relations with partners, so as to complement each other's advantages and ensure win-win.

                1. Prioritize and protect the interests of suppliers to achieve mutual success
                2. Step up service support for customers to grow with them
                3. Improve product and service quality in the best interests of consumers

                Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development
                In an active effort to fulfill its social responsibility, the Company has completed the transition from post-action treatment to source and process control by combining clean production, emission reduction and environmental management, thus eliminating the public concerns on energy, resources and water consumption.

                The Company has set environmental protection targets for pollution reduction and emission control in compliance with the Environmental Protection Law, the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law, the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law, the Production Safety Law and other relevant laws and regulations. We carry out rigorous assessment on environmental pollution, energy consumption, comprehensive utilization of resources, production safety, product safety and other issues arising from production, services and operation process, and accordingly, develop a set of indicators and work on improvement measures. The Company constantly improves its environmental protection system to keep environmental quality under tight control.

                The Company has obtained the ISO14001 certification, developed an accountability system for production targets and introduced a work performance appraisal system to minimize the man-made waste of resources and pollutant discharge. For energy utilization, the Company has adopted processes featuring new energy saving methods to save production costs and increase economic efficiency. We strengthen detection and monitoring of major hazards, and take effective control and treatment measures to reduce hazard level over years and eliminate public concerns on safety.

                To enhance employees' awareness of environmental protection, the Company actively organizes them to learn environmental knowledge and advocates water and energy conservation across the Company by choosing to use energy-efficient and low-emission office equipment, promoting paperless office, recycling waste papers and introducing online electronic tools. The Company plays an active role in environmental protection by strictly implementing the requirements under the "plastic bag restriction" decree in the retail end. To this end, we charge a fee for offering plastic bags with national quality standards or provide paper shopping bags for free, thereby enhancing consumers' environmental awareness.

                Social Responsibility
                As a responsible listed company, we honor social values and ethics and regard giving back to society as our social responsibility in business development. Therefore, we work hard to promote local economic and social development along with our development, thus contributing to social stability and prosperity. In an active effort to fulfill its social responsibility, the Company zealously participates in various social and group activities, prudently carries out investment business and works with partners to boost local economic development, delivering on its social obligation and commitment to promote social harmony and economic prosperity. The Company continuously expands the scale of recruitment to create more jobs for local residents and make its due contribution to improving people's livelihood, so as to share the fruits of its development with the society. In order to carry forward social responsibility and promote harmonious development of society, the Company has long been paying attention to disadvantaged groups in society and organized a number of charitable events. The Company participates in philanthropy mainly through charitable donations and hope schools which are aimed at helping employees in need, supporting impoverished areas, providing aids to disadvantaged groups in society and disaster victims, and paving the way to education and employment for poverty-stricken students.